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Album Details


Jairosi - an mbende dance style track


Chemutengure - a powerful version of the well known song


Tobin's - a unique blend of irish jig, mbira and satirical lyrics


Samandoza - another very dancable mbende style track


Makaranga - a song of respect for the Karanga people


Ngororombe - a highly polyrhythmic dance style with complex interlocking vocals


Kaswera Munzira - a driving version of Chartwell's evocation of his ancestor Kaswera Munzira


Muchinaga - a final gentle love song





Chartwell Dutiro is a musician, singer, songwriter, composer, teacher, and the artistic director of Mhararano Mbira Academy at Dartington Trust, Totnes. Born and raised in Zimbabwe he now lives in Newton Abbot, Devon, UK.


Mike Parnell started  learning concertina and mandolin back in  the 1970’s initially inspired by the music of  Ireland but subsequently embracing many different styles. Having  played in numerous bands from  ceildh and  thrash folk to Arabic he has been learning mbira for some five years.




       This album brings together two very different instruments and musicians from at first sight widely different traditions; however all is not quite as it seems.


        The creation of this album in fact wove together many different tales passed down through the ancestors. There are the journeys of the individual musicians, Chartwell from Zimbabwe and Mike from England and Ireland, and the paths that led them to work together.  There are the stories of the mbira and the concertina, instruments from different countries, and their own meeting in Zimbabwe through colonisation and resistance.


        The music in this album is inspired and influenced by all these strands.  We hope you enjoy our musical journey.


                Chartwell Dutiro and Mike Parnell